The Landing

The Landing isn’t just for kids facing addiction issues. It’s for students that have hurts they can’t deal with, hang-ups that have them spinning out of control, or who aren’t really sure what’s going on, but they know something is wrong.

The Landing is a 52-week process for any teen who is struggling and is based on the 8 principles found in Matthew. By working through the Christ centered principles among a community of peers and caring adults, students gain access to tools which enable them to give their hurt, hang-up or habit to Jesus and find true healing and victory. The Landing is designed to run concurrently with Celebrate Recovery and Celebration Place (CR for Kids); the Landing completes the group of resources for the entire family.

We have worship and teaching 7-8 pm., small group time from 8-9 pm., and end with snacks and hanging out from 9-9:30 pm. Dinner is available at 6:00 pm in the Worship Center foyer. Contact us for more information.