Advent Project

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In 2015, a small group of artists gathered weekly and prayed for new songs that would carry the hope, peace, joy and love of the Advent season. What a humbling, gracious invitation…God calls everyday, ordinary people with a melody and a few instruments to write anew His eternal song of salvation.

God came.

The timeless, uncreated King of Heaven, at just the right time, entered His creation as a humble babe, born of a virgin. Everlasting light broke into an ever-darkening world, dawning a new creation.

God will come.

Though the darkness lingers, God’s light will come again and with unveiled faces we will behold Him in all His glory. Darkness will be defeated once and for all.

Each Advent season may we remember and receive the Father’s gift of life. Spirit, flood the dark recesses of our souls, making us ever new. Come, Lord Jesus, come to finish the work You’ve begun.


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