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Cell gatherings are our small group gatherings in communities throughout Northwest Arkansas. It is our opportunity to grow in Christ and fellowship together while reaching our local communities and schools.

Mosaic students meet in strategic groups, called Townhouses, that are based on the town in which they live.

We meet on Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:30pm. We study the Connect Sheets from the Mosaic teaching each Saturday night. The Townhouses are co-ed, but small groups meet within the Townhouse based on gender. For questions about your Townhouse contact a staff member. 

Mosaic Student Townhouses

Bentonville High School
Host: Corey & Christa Campbell
Shepherd: Corey Campbell

Bentonville West High School
Host: Ben & Erin Kiefer
Shepherd: Reid Schatzman

Bentonville Middle School
Host: Collin & Erin Jackson
Shepherd: Brad Stalcup 

Rogers High School 11-12 grade GIRLS / 9-12 BOYS 
Host: Shane & Lori Holland
Shepherd: Dylan Parker

Rogers High School 9-10 grade GIRLS
Host: Doug & Megan Johns
Shepherd: Megan Johns

Rogers Middle School WEST (Kirksey/Elmwood)
Host: Aaron & Laura Keeney
Shepherd: Andrew Bailey

Heritage High School
Host: Chris & Susan Thomas
Shepherd: Jon Knox

Rogers Middle School EAST (Lingle/Oakdale)
Host: Tim & Adrienne Terrazas
Shepherd: Luke Pascoe

Springdale High School
Host: Brian & Jamie Hess
Shepherd: Ricky Shade

Springdale Middle School
*Springdale middle school students are currently attending the Rogers Middle School West Townhouse until until we launch a Springdale Middle School House later this year.

For students who attend private schools or are homeschooled, we ask that they attend the Townhouse that reflects the public school they would be zoned for.

For more information on locations, feel free to contact us!
Bentonville Small Groups- Collin Jackson,
Girls Small Groups- Janie Nolen,
Rogers & South Small Groups- Nick Roland,