mosaic community 2015

Get Involved


Ways to Get Involved:

  • Join a group!
    Check out myFellowship to find a list of Mosaic community groups near you and/or in your stage of life. Contact a community pastor in your area for more information or if you have any questions.
  • Start a group!
    Maybe you have a vision for a community group that does not yet exist.  Or, maybe there is not a community group in your area or your stage of life.  You may be the catalyst to see that started.  By all means, lead us!  Contact a community pastor in your area, and let us know what you are thinking.  Download the Steps to Becoming a New Leader document to help you process through your people and rhythm. We provide leadership training on an on-going basis for our community group leaders.


Mosaic Communities express both a Rhythm and a People/Place Vision:

  • Discover: Discover is an 8-week introduction to Mosaic and meets regionally for people new to Mosaic that are exploring how to live as ONE, live by the WORD, and live as SENT with other Jesus followers.
  • Community Groups: A group of Mosaic people coming together either weekly or bi-monthly to encourage and hold one another accountable to living the ONE-WORD-SENT rhythms where they live, work, and play.
  • Outpost: A Mosaic Outpost has chosen to unify their people/place calling as a group, to one identified target, that they can live out the ONE-WORD-SENT rhythms with. Outposts meet weekly or bi-monthly.