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Fellowship Dramatic Arts provides opportunities for those with acting or directing skills. Whether in film or on stage, our purpose is to help communicate, message or illustrate a life scene with the prayerful hope to bring about reflection, inspiration or application. If you desire to use your gifts to serve these needs,
Fellowship Dramatic Arts welcomes you!


  • This group is a dynamic, creative family! We have a lot of fun together, whether rehearsing for a sketch or sharpening our skills in a training workshop. We encourage trust, teamwork, imaginations and hearts hungry to point others to Christ.
  • An audition will be scheduled for all new artists to assess specific areas of interest (acting and directing), capability, and availability (day and/or evening). NOTE: Prior drama experience is not required. Our team has varying degrees of capability from little to no experience to professional stage or film background. Regardless of your current capability, don’t be scared – this audition is fun & no prep is required!
  • Periodic dramatic arts training is provided to grow and sharpen skills, build confidence and foster trust among the team. Basically, it’s a “play date” with a learning purpose!
  • We ask that members be active in one “small group experience” (community group, men or women’s bible study, step study, etc.). Small groups are a core value of Fellowship, and the drama experience is not viewed as similar. You can get plugged into a group here.


  • Actors are cast based on roles needed and rehearsal availability.
  • Memorization and character study “homework” is expected when a role is accepted.
  • Several ministries embrace dramatic arts and may have meetings/workshops during the week, making the drama need not limited to just weekend worship services.
  • Rehearsal commitment is normally 4-5 evenings (including tech rehearsal) when preparing for worship services. However, commitment varies based on specific needs (children’s ministry, film projects, etc.). A typical rehearsal process covers Blocking, Working, Polishing, Technical and Presenting.
  • Rehearsals for services generally occur on Monday and Wednesday evenings. However, day rehearsals are a possibility if the actor is available.


Contact Evan Crawford at evcrawford@fellowshipnwa.org for more details!