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Training opportunities are conducted through the Equipping division of BiLD.
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A visual we use in Equipping is a toolbox – we desire to put “tools” in the hands of leaders as we equip others for Life and Ministry

  • Equipping for life… for the personal walk of a believer (ex. Classes or conferences on parenting skills, stewardship and finances, etc.)
  • Equipping for ministry… providing practical, hands on ministry training through classes, seminars, online resources, identifying areas for growth, etc. as well as developing “toolboxes” for ministry – with necessary resources needed for ministry development.

The guide for providing balanced, integrative training and specifically what “tools” are placed in the Equipping Toolbox is the
Leader Profile:

  • Knowledge – does this resource provide opportunities for growth in knowledge?
  • Character – does this tool encourage leaders in their character development?
  • Skill – is this an opportunity that supports leaders as they build their skill sets?
  • Passion / Vision – does this Equipping opportunity encourage believers to pursue their passion for Christ, others and their dream for ministry?

The ultimate goal for the Equipping division is to place tools in the hands of prepared, equipped, released leaders to impact the world for Christ… “…so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work”
(2 Tim. 3:17).

For more information on Training opportunities contact Terrie Tomlinson, Director of Equipping at tetomlinson@fellowshipnwa.org.