Global Outreach

Our MISSION is to reach the unreached near and far. We want to help you engage with people groups who have lived their entire lives without knowing Jesus. Invest your passions, skills, and gifts loving internationals here, going on short-term trips, and advancing the mission of our long-term investments.

Local Friendships:

Loving those from other lands who live among us. To get involved contact Brian Pope at brpope@fellowshipnwa.org or 479-841-5473 or Lisa Pineira at lipineira@fellowshipnwa.org or 479-878-2979.

Short-Term Trips:

Progressive discipleship and cross-cultural opportunities to help produce equipped long-term global workers. Click here for a list of opportunities.

Global Outposts:

A people and a place to which our congregation has committed deep support and engagement in taking the Gospel, and over time, planting self-sustaining reproducing churches. Join a Link Team of Fellowship members here who intentionally use their gifts and skills to advance the mission there.

We stay connected with those we have sent by receiving updates so we know how to pray for them as they reach the unreached. Text #GOpray to 479-282-2406 to receive prayer requests from our 5 major initiatives.

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