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Church Membership

In order to become a member of Fellowship Bible Church, we ask that each person fulfill the following expectations:

· Believe. The scriptures identify the members of the body of Christ as those who have responded  to the grace of God through faith in the person and works of Jesus Christ. Salvation comes to those who repent from sin and place their faith in Christ’s death on the cross for the forgiveness of their sins.

· Complete Discover Fellowship. Participate in and complete the Discover Fellowship class/community group and explore the identity of Fellowship.

· Share Your Story. Each person is asked to share their personal story of how they came to personally know our Lord. This will be done verbally in our small groups as well as a written version in the membership application.

· Complete the Membership papers. Our “blue” papers officially request membership into our family of faith. 

· Commit. Make every effort to live out the expectations of a follower
 of Christ.

Discover Fellowship

A class about the identity of Fellowship Bible Church of Discover Fellowship answers the important question: “Should I join Fellowship?” Choosing the right church to make your spiritual family is an important decision for anyone, and this small group experience is our effort to guide individuals and families to make the best decision for themselves. Discover Fellowship navigates important issues like: Fellowship’s mission and vision, functions of the elder board, philosophy of ministry, membership responsibilities, and our core doctrine. Discover Fellowship is comprised of three Large Group Sessions held on Sundays, followed by six Small Group Sessions that meet at various days, times, and locations by region.  

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Discover Mosaic

This class is also offered for Mosaic, Fellowship’s Saturday night congregation, and is called Discover Mosaic. Making a large church feel like home is not easy; but it is possible. Mosaic wants to help you start that process by answering some simple, yet important questions:

  • Who is Mosaic and why are we here?
  • What are our essential ministries are what we believe?
  • How you can make this church your home (a place to belong, grow, and serve)? Discover consists of eight Small Group Sessions.

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