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Our Calling :: GC2

Because we are Jesus’ church, we follow His lead.  His mission becomes our mission.  What He says is great becomes great to us.  When you look at Jesus’ teaching in the Gospels, two commands are lifted up as so great that they shape everything else that we do. 

great commandment—to love God and love others as our self

great commission—to make disciples of all peoples

These two “greats” are how we live out our identity in Christ, and how we fulfill Fellowship Bible Church’s mission of “producing and releasing spiritual leaders who know and express the authentic Christ to NWA and the world.”  We can’t tell you whether we make disciples by loving others or whether we love others by making disciples.  We just know Jesus says that both make up the great calling on our lives. 

Since life is complicated enough, let’s keep it simple.  That means Mosaic is committed to personal disciple-making and loving the community around us, all by and through the grace of Jesus. 

If we were sitting down over coffee talking about who we are, what we do and how we live, we might draw something like this on a napkin: