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Inductive Bible Study Worksheet

An inductive Bible study tool for Fifty6 students to use. Download the booklet to get started.

Fellowship Parents Blog

Our desire in Elementary Ministries is to see parents become the spiritual leaders in their children's lives. We simply want to do our best to come alongside and partner with you. We have a comprehensive list of recommended resources, including books and online tools. Our blog, Fellowship Parents, is our primary equipping tool. On Fellowship Parents you will find current information about what's happening in your child's ministry, suggested books and music, links to our social media accounts, and many other resources. 

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We also have a series of equipping videos that walk-alongside parents in the areas of purposeful parenting and spiritual leadership. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to receive these weekly updates for #TipTuesday!

Family Ministry Classes

Family Ministries will be presenting a series, through the BiLD Training Center, that is intended to equip parents with practical ideas and tools for purposeful and biblical parenting. There will be classes on a variety of topics throughout the year.

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View curriculum and resources from our previous Family Ministry Classes.

Child Baptism

Fellowship Bible Church believes that baptism is an outward sign of a life-long commitment to follow Jesus. Jesus modeled this practice and encouraged believers to do the same. If your child wishes to be baptized contact either:

They will set up a meeting.  Before this meeting, the family will be asked to read the 2nd and 3rd chapters from the book Should I Be Baptized to determine, if indeed, the child fully understands the meaning and symbolism represented in the act of baptism.  Following this meeting, the staff member will determine if he/she believes the child is ready to be baptized.

The Elementary staff believes that children can become followers of Christ and respond to Him in baptism; however, some children may have the desire to be baptized and yet not fully understands its significance. If the staff does not believe that the child fully understands the meaning of this commitment of baptism, they will recommend that the family wait until the child has a better understanding of the significance of this ordinance.

Learn more about our beliefs regarding baptism.