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What is “Children of Grace Security Check Point” System?

“Children of Grace Security Check Point” system is an automated check-in system.  Families sign in their children by simply scanning a key tag at one of our many checks-in stations. These stations are located in the Worship Center Foyer, Family Center hallway, Preschool Center and Children's Center.

What is the reason for implementing “Children of Grace?”

We believe that the Children of Grace system raises the level of security while increasing the quality of care that we can give your children.

What age group does this affect?

Birth through Pre-K

How do I register my children?

Registration forms are available at all sign-in tables or online through your myFellowship account. Please complete a form and return it to the check-in desk.  You may pick up your new key tag the following week at any of the check-in stations.

Why should I register my children?

This is the easiest and quickest way to get your child into a classroom. Upon registration, you will receive three tags: a wallet sized card and two key tags, which have a barcode unique to your family. A parent will only have to scan their key tag at the check-in station to receive a name tag for their child.

NOTE: If parents are needed during the service, their key tag number will appear on the monitor in the Worship Center.  For parents without key tags, the number that is on your temporary label will appear.

How do I check my children out?

There are special check-out stations located throughout the facility. A parent needs only to walk by a check-out station, re-scan their key tag (or the temporary label given at check-in) and tear off a receipt ticket. The receipt must be presented to the child’s teacher by a parent or a designated adult. If another adult picks up your child, this must be noted at check-in.

You may also use the Text2Checkout feature on the myFellowship Mobile app that can be accessed from your mobile device. Use of this app feature will allow you to skip the check out lines and obtain your checkout receipt as a text on your phone.