A Christian artist ministry committed to making art that aligns with God's purpose and Word; using the Arts for praise, worship, fellowship, prayer and service.


This logo is designed to represent the movement and life that God gives. It points to the color wheel used by artists and is a representation of the "breath of life" with which God created humanity. It is a creative breath that we as artist and image bearers of Christ carry on in our creativity through the work of the Holy Spirit.

Mission: This group seeks to make art out of the overflow of God’s spirit within believers to carry out His work, and will do so through defining art projects based on ministry goals. Artists can learn from one another both formally and informally with opportunities to attend events, listen to professional speakers, and involvement in galleries and training, too.

Description: Spectra artist ministry is a group for Christian artists from these visual mediums: photographers, painters, graphic designers and videographers. If God inspires you with a vision to create, then Spectra has a place for you.

General Information: Connecting Christian Artists from Northwest Arkansas with opportunities through art gallery projects with a biblical focus and interaction and support from one another, with the hopes to nurture and foster spiritual growth through artistic expression. We will typically meet the 2nd Thursday of each month on the first floor of the Training Center, Room 166. The Training Center is located north of the main Worship Center on our campus.

Interested in being involved in Spectra? Contact Beth Davies, bedavies@fellowshipnwa.org for more information!