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BiLD Training Center

The BiLD (Biblical Institute of Leadership Development) Training Center is a major ministry division of Fellowship Bible Church of NWA. This training center is the tangible expression of one of the three guiding metaphors that best describes the mission and vision of Fellowship NWA; namely, that Fellowship is a "greenhouse," a "launching pad," and a "training center."

The starting point is the "greenhouse", where birth, growth, healing, and flourishing occurs. The ending point is the "launching pad", where all people are released to passionately pursue God's will for one's life. The necessary link between the two is the "training center", where people are inspired, equipped, trained and prepared for life and ministry. Training classes and equipping experiences are offered to help you with your spiritual journey.

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A class about the identity of Fellowship Bible church of NWA

Discovery answers the important question: “Should I join Fellowship?” Choosing the right church to make your spiritual family is an important decision for anyone, and this small group experience is our effort to guide individuals and families to make the best decision for themselves. Discovery navigates important issues like: Fellowship’s mission and vision, functions of the elder board, philosophy of ministry, membership responsibilities, and our core doctrine. Discovery is comprised of three Large Group Sessions held on Sundays, followed by six Small Group Sessions that meet at various days, times, and locations by region.

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