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What are cell groups?
Cell groups are small home-based groups of students and leaders and are a foundational element of our ministry. Our cell groups serve as the daily life and leadership influence in the lives of our students. Students grow in community with their peers, are discipled by their adult and college leaders, and are "taught to obey everything that Christ has commanded" them.
How can I get involved in a cell group?
Contact a staff member. Cell groups are usually specific to a student's grade, town, and gender (Example: a boy in 9th grade from Bentonville, would be in cell group with 9th grade Bentonville boys, and contact our Bentonville boys' staff).

To get involved contact our staff!
When do cell groups meet?
Cell groups meet weekly on Wednesday nights or Sunday afternoons. Our cell group schedule can be found here. For specific times and locations for a particular cell group, please contact a staff member.
Where do cell groups meet?
Most of our cell groups meet in host homes. To find out where your cell group meets please contact a staff member.
Who leads cell groups?
We have dedicated college and adult leaders ranging in age and background. Willing volunteers go through training, background checks, and meet regularly with a staff member for continued training and accountability. Contact us and we would love to introduce you to your group's leader.

If you are interested in becoming a cell group leader, please contact a staff member and see our volunteer screening policy.
What do cell groups study?
We provide cell groups with age appropriate, scripture-based studies and resources that correspond to our Sunday series or go over applicable topics. Our current curriculum is available, here.