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Before the Landing I...

  • ...had a problem with lying.
  • ...hung onto things that really messed up my life.
  • ...lied to my parents and others.
  • ...hit people.
  • ...made bad choices.
  • ...felt like my parents didn't have time for me.
  • ...had thoughts about killing myself.
  • ...partied, did drugs, and drank alcohol.

Now, through the Landing I...

  • ...think before I speak.
  • ...have learned to give up things in my life that I don't need or that are bringing me down.
  • ...have become a better Christian and got to know good people that are willing to help me.
  • ...don't lie as much.
  • ...am gaining courage to tell my parents how I feel.
  • ...haven't really had bad thoughts of committing suicide since I've been coming here.
  • ...am amazed how much it has helped.
  • ...gave up my old party friends.

What I like about the Landing is...

  • ...the small groups, because it's easier to get things off my chest.
  • ...that I've been able to share stuff with a leader who has been really helpful and understanding.
  • ...the steps, because I understand a lot of them and it seems like some of them hit the nail on the head. They help a lot.
  • ...the small groups, because it encourages me to share and connect with people my own age.
  • ...the leaders, because they encourage me to do bigger and
    better things.
  • ...finding new friends and feeling safe.
  • ...the small groups, because they have helped me to be able to talk and not be interrupted or have someone trying to fix me. I get to
    be heard.